Our commitment

Leave only footprints

Everything we do at moshi moshi mind is made from the belief that we need to live more consciously; be mindful, reduce our footprint, take care of ourselves and the earth that provides for us.

At moshi moshi mind, we believe passionately in what we do: first and foremost, we believe in creating non-seasonal multifunctional designs that can be worn all day; professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for soft movement, and comfy enough for the couch. Every piece is made to fit perfectly with every wardrobe and mixed to create uncomplicated looks - every day. It is our fundamental belief that every product needs to be timeless, independent of trends and seasons.

Act kind, be gentle, go softly

Being gentle with yourself and others is one of our core principles. At moshi moshi mind we use that approach when dealing with the world around us too. We strive to be the best possible version we can be and make sure to grow our business responsibly and sustainably. We know that sustainability is not an end-goal; it is a journey of ongoing improvement to more responsible practices.

We are constantly curious, learning and trying out new ways to care for each other and the world we are part of, and doing so through designing items that last for as long as possible while making as small an impact as possible.

Certified B-Corp

B Corp is an international community of companies that want to make a positive difference in the world.

The B Corp certification is the highest international standard within corporate social and environmental responsibility and transparency. By becoming B-Corp certified, we reinforce our commitment to taking accountability for our impact on people and the planet. It is proof that we, as a company, are sustainable in our entire operation.

As a natural extension of our value set and constant focus on working as responsibly and as properly as possible, we have for long time been working towards a B Corp certification. A certification that we have achieved here in 2022.

moshi moshi mind is now part of a global movement of companies all working towards the same goal; to create success and a positive change in the world and use their business as a force for good. At the same time, we contribute actively to achieving the UN's 17 global goals.

We are proud to to join this movement and have the courage to do business for the benefit of the world. You can read more about our commitment here and our materials here.

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    The UN's 17 World Goals for Global Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN's 193 member states, represent for us a common universal responsibility. A responsibility we take seriously.

    At moshi moshi mind we focus on three goals that are particularly relevant to our company. They also serve as our concrete guideline in terms of ensuring that the development of our company is in balance with the overall defined goals for global sustainable development.

    We are actively working with:

    World Goal No. 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

    • We want to ensure a more sustainable and efficient use of nature's resources. We do this, among other initiatives, by working with manufacturers who produce materials in closed-loop systems that reduce water and chemical spillage.
    • We use certified recycled materials, such as recycled cashmere and recycled polyester, to reduce the amount of virgin materials and waste in the world.
    • Traceability is important, which is why we use GOTS-certified materials to ensure traceability of organic and ethical production.
    • Documentation of claims is crucial to guarantee that the products we sell are actual produced in the way we market them. Therefore over 80% of our products are certified. 

    World Goal No. 14: Life at Sea

    • We design recycled polyester products made from plastic waste from the ocean to help reduce marine pollution and waste.
    • To reduce marine pollution caused by land-based activities, we work with certified organic cotton and use materials with fewer chemicals, un-dyed or produced in closed-loop systems that ensure less chemicals, ending up in the ocean or the ground.

     World Goal No. 15: Life on Land

    • We prioritize documented certified resources that do not have a negative impact on existing ecosystems.
    • We choose organic cotton to ensure biodiversity and reduce the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture.
    • All our product hang-tags are made of FSC-certified cardboard from responsible forestry to ensure a sustainable use of nature.
    • We try to use renewable materials that can be recycled or materials that have already been recycled - and are constantly researching the market for new innovative materials.

      Giving back

      As a responsible company, we are committed to making a positive change in the world. We have three guiding principles and values for the way we work at moshi moshi mind: Care,
      Responsibility and Community. Therefore, we support selected organizations in Denmark
      with who we share values, and who reflect our care and concern for nature, people, and the future generations.

      In DK, we support and collaborate in 2022 and 2023 with the following organizations regarding specific activities
      and projects:

      2022 Save the Children; helps both acutely and in the long term to ensure a better future for vulnerable children. The money goes, among other things, to Save the Children's work with vulnerable children in Denmark, so that they can have experiences, excursions and holiday memories all year round.

      Donations to charities and
      charitable auctions: For Christmas and Christmas auctions in 2023, we have donated products to both Psykiatrifonden, Ronald McDonald-huset,
      Børneulykkesfonden and Grevinde Danner, all profits going to the above organizations.