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... and dipped a bit in the glow of the sun.

On this summer journey, we celebrate our core values.

Our summertime collection is created with thoughtfulness and integrity, reflecting our heartfelt desire to simplify and unite.

This summer drop is filled with simple dresses, beautiful kaftans, and matching sets, finely tuned so everything can easily be combined.

The color palette is inspired by the interplay between the glow of sunrise and the blue hues of the sea, and in the balance between the life-giving rays of the sun and the cool shadows, summer days and evenings are meant to be lived lightly, wherever one may be.

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Renewal & Hope

Our spring drop includes styles for the still-low temperatures, the soft spring light, and the brighter days - as the spring weather, so full of contrasts, brings with it.

Gentle spring colors and calm tones. Soft and spacious silhouettes in responsible materials, suitable for the cool, fickle spring temperatures.

This drop balances between classic and familiar Moshi Moshi Mind styles and new variations and silhouettes, all inspiring countless uncomplicated combinations.

Created for the season as it often is - cool, with drifting clouds, changing weather, and gray tones in the sky, but with spring's hope, brighter days, and warmer air on the horizon.

Stay tender and hopeful.

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Based on many years of experience, on this drop, we have carefully curated our suggestions for soft gift ideas, must-have Moshi items, and dotted favorites - all at prices that we know work in our own stores.

Building on the year's best-selling shapes, we have created a selection of soft and classic Moshi Moshi Mind styles in new colors and materials, perfect for breathing new life, new energy, and new looks into the store in the middle of the season.

Familiar silhouettes that can inspire countless uncomplicated styling combinations - and also provide soft gift inspiration for the upcoming holidays. Created with the season in mind, but with an eye for color combinations that can inspire well into the spring.

Stay soft.

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CLOUD 2023


Inspired by long evenings drinking tea, talking about the books we are reading.

By wanders through museums, bookshops, and gardens in beautiful autumn tones.

By the objects we’ve found, and what makes us dream.

By the peace and presence of slowly brewing a good cup of tea, nourishing mind and soul.

By the light of new encounters, togetherness and passionate conversations.

While bits of the summer drifts lightly in the wind and leaves are turning brown and gold.

Let’s get lost in a world made of great books, warm tea, and softness, on rainy autumn days.

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