What is B-Corp / What is a B corp certification?
B Corp is a global certification that looks at the entire business model and not only at the product's sustainability, from the value chain to employment relationships, to how the company is in the world, in our local environment, and how we take social responsibility. This means that B-corp-certified companies not only want to be healthy and successful in the world but the best companies for the world.
How to become B-Corp certified?
Through a B Impact Assessment, we have answered many questions. You review the company from A-Z, and if the company achieves a certain number of points, you are verified by the organization before you are certified.
Why are we so proud of the certification?
Because we, as a company and people, have always been concerned with being decent. In moshi moshi mind, we have always worked to be in the world in a more gentle way. Being part of an organization or movement is a source of inspiration. We can share experiences with other companies and ultimately stand together to improve the world and companies.
What do we do concretely to live up to B-Corp's philosophy?
We commit to getting better every day.
It is a form of roadmap where we strive towards better solutions, and with that, there are many opt-outs, but it is a journey together with others who also have a beating "green heart."
What does this mean in practice for us as a company?
Hopefully, it provides security for our customers, and then it will be a working tool in everyday life and for the future, which ensures that we produce with care for the world and others. And here, you can't rest on your laurels, as we have to be re-certified every three years.
What does this mean for the consumer?
We hope that it can help the consumer to make better choices for themselves and the world, and guide them, create security and value.
What does the world get out of it?
A better life. A future for the next generations.